Meeting the Tribe

tribe connection

I applied for the Ruckusmakers seminar because I wanted to meet Seth Godin.

Little did I know that I would receive so much from the other attendees. Actually, I received more from them than I did from Seth. The fact that I read, listened, and watched most of Seth’s content last year probably had a lot to do with it.

There were so many great people at the event. All of us attendees had come from different places yet we spoke the same language. Our expertise and projects were scattered throughout different industries but we were of the same caliber.

Passion and drive had congregated us into this playhouse like building named The Purple Crayon. I saw the manifestation of what Seth wrote in his Tribes book. It was amazing.

We shared our stories and projects with each other. The level of vulnerability plus the trust we had with one another indicated that all of us were long time friends. That was impossible since we clearly had never met.

It was true in a way though. Many of us walked through the same valleys, consumed the same content, and were filled with the same drive and passion. Our spirits were from the same family.

Here we were – Seth’s tribe. We were proud of it too.

Many of us had longed to meet other. It was magical.

This experience alone was worth the trip. I intend to stay connected to as many ruckus-makers as I can. After all, they’re like family now.

This post is for Day 1 of the #RuckusmakersChallenge. If you went to the ruckusmakers event, feel free to join us even if you’re starting late. We know you can hang!


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